How do you select the beneficiaries for these donations?
We are working closely with our contacts on the ground and healthcare industry that have been coordinating donations since the start of the crisis. They identify hospitals and dormitories that need these items and when they are required. This way, our efforts go straight to beneficiaries that need the set meals/treat packs most that day/week.

As the landscape evolves, another group of beneficiaries may include low-income families and we’re working directly with charities/community associations to access their needs for set meals/treat packs for these households.

Are you a charity and is my purchase considered a donation (and tax deductible)?
No, we are simply a group of individuals working with like-minded partners across the F&B industry and trying to do good with this campaign.

Will I receive a receipt for my purchase?
Yes, you’ll receive an email confirmation and receipt after your purchase. 

I’d like to join the MajulahMovement! How do I purchase a Set Meal / Treat Pack?
Click on this link to purchase a Set Meal of Treat Pack. All local and international credit cards are accepted including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Shop Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay

You may also do a transfer via PayLah by scanning the PayLah QR code above. For PayLah payments, please cite your order #number (e.g: MM#1001) as a reference in the "comments/personalised message" field of your PayLah app when making a payment. You will receive your order #number via a confirmation email after checking out. Your donation order will only be fulfilled upon our receipt of the funds so kindly give us 1-2 business day to confirm this.

How can you contact us?
If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].